10 Strategies to Keep Your RV Cool This Summer

The joys of summer come with the promise of adventures in our RVs, crossing vast landscapes and making memories with loved ones. Yet, the scorching summer sun can turn these cheerful getaways into stifling journeys, taxing both the adventurers and their RV's AC systems. To combat this, our RV aficionados have explored ten holistic methods to ensure a refreshing RV experience this summer, all while keeping sustainability in mind.

  1. Window Solutions for Your RV - Windows in RVs, much like stationary homes, are prime spots for energy loss. In summer, they let in the sun's heat and let out the cool air. So, to keep the heat at bay, ensure all windows - side windows, skylights, doors, and especially the large cockpit windows - are shaded. If you have pleated shades, consider enhancing them with blackout liners like the Darkout Kit from United Shade.

  2. Opt for Reflective Roofing - Materials like Tufflex™ PVC Roofing and DiFlex II™ Polar White TPO roofing from Dicor are both Energy Star and Cool Roof rated. This means they deflect sunlight, ensuring less energy is needed to keep the RV's interiors chilled, even if there's no air conditioner.

  3. Seek Out Shade - Always a refuge in the heat, shade is your RV's best friend in summer. When you set camp, try to position the RV in naturally shaded areas or use additional tools like awnings or screen shades to shield your vehicle.

  4. Maintain Your AC - The reliability of your AC is paramount. Ensure regular check-ups, including filter replacements after 90 days and yearly cleaning of external parts. Brands like Coleman-Mach recommend these steps to maximize efficiency and lifespan. Consider their soft start feature, which can reduce power usage by optimizing the motor operation.

  5. Switch to LED Lights - LEDs not only consume less power but also operate cooler than traditional bulbs. Upgrading to LEDs in your RV can make a noticeable difference, especially in compact RV spaces.

  6. Seal the RV During Peak Heat - Keep your RV shut during the hottest parts of the day to keep the heat outside. Focus on cooling only the most-used areas by closing off unused sections of your RV.

  7. Optimize Air Flow - Once the temperature drops, like in the mornings or evenings, allow fresh air to circulate. Dual rooftop fans – one drawing air in and another pushing air out – can refresh your RV's interiors. Also, consider parking in alignment with prevailing winds to maximize natural ventilation.

  8. Check for Seal Leaks - Inspect the seals on your RV regularly, especially before lengthy journeys. Address any gaps or loose sealants that could compromise your RV's interior climate. Dicor’s Seal-Tite™ range offers handy kits for typical fixes.

  9. Climb Higher - Elevated areas tend to be cooler. If you're being toasted at lower altitudes, consider making a trip to cooler high-altitude areas. Products like Aqua-Hot's Gen1 are even rated for high altitudes, ensuring comfort on such mountainous retreats.

  10. Cook Al Fresco - Indoor cooking can rapidly increase your RV's internal temperature. Opt for outdoor cooking methods instead. Brands like Suburban offer outdoor cooking solutions that are either built-in or portable for flexibility.

Lastly, regular RV maintenance is key. All systems, including the cooling ones, perform best when well-maintained. If in need, Airxcel offers a Service Center Locator to help RV owners find nearby service centers for essential upkeep, ensuring a cool and comfortable summer adventure.

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