Frequently Asked Questions

Is this item new or refurbished?

All items we stock are factory new and have full factory warranty. We do not sell refurbished items.

Is this item in stock?

We update our inventory each morning and strive to provide correct info. Each morning our inventories are verified.

However, in the rare occasion something sells before we show the change, we do not charge your card. We will reach out to check with you before proceeding.

When will this item be back in stock?

Reflecting the challenges in the supply chain, we do not have great clarity into when something will be back in stock.

Please take advantage of our out of stock tracking system, and add your information to be notified when it returns.

Click on "NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE" from the product page!

Do you offer in person pickup?

No. As an online only retailer, we offer quick shipping but we have no place for you to pick up your items. We distribute from warehouses throughout the Continental US.

When does my item ship?

Items ship every weekday and it can take a few days to get tracking info.

Where is my confirmation email?

A confirmation email is sent after your order is received. You might need to check your spam folder.

Where is my Tracking Number?

Tracking numbers are sent when they are WORKING. THIS CAN TAKE 3-4 DAYS for the truckers to have a tracking number. THE TRUCKERS WILL CALL YOU TO ARRANGE DELIVERY!

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