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Camper Fridge Tips & Tricks

Do you love hitting the road in your RV but dread worrying about the freshness of your food and drinks? A reliable refrigerator is key for any successful road trip, and that's where top brands like Norcold and Everchill come in. With these top-quality RV refrigerators, you can be confident that your food and drinks are safely and efficiently refrigerated on the go.

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to keep your Norcold or Everchill RV refrigerator in top working order. Here are some tips to help you maintain your RV refrigerator:

  1. Pre-cool your fridge before your trip: Ensure that your fridge is pre-cooled the night before your trip by placing a few bags of ice inside to help it reach the ideal temperature range of 35-40°F (2-4°C).

  2. Use a thermometer to check the temperature: Don't leave the temperature of your fridge to guesswork. Keep a thermometer handy and periodically check to ensure your RV refrigerator maintains the correct temperature range.

  3. Keep the door closed as much as possible: Keep the door of your RV fridge closed as much as possible to maintain a consistent temperature, particularly when in a hot climate.

  4. Use the lowest shelf for items that don't need to be as cold: Items like bread and condiments that don't require as much refrigeration can be stored on the lowest shelf of your fridge.

  5. Keep your fridge clean and organized: A cluttered fridge can lead to food spoilage and inefficient cooling. Keep your RV refrigerator clean and organized for optimal performance.

  6. Use ice packs or frozen water bottles: Help maintain the temperature in your RV refrigerator when traveling in a hot climate by using ice packs or frozen water bottles.

  7. Avoid overloading your fridge: Overloading your fridge can hinder proper air circulation and lead to uneven cooling. Keep your fridge about three-quarters full to allow for proper circulation.

  8. Consider investing in a fridge fan: A fridge fan can help circulate the air and maintain consistent temperatures, even in hot spots.

  9. Avoid putting hot items in your fridge: Allow hot items to cool to room temperature before storing them in your RV fridge to prevent inefficient cooling.

  10. Use your fridge's energy-saving mode: Save power when boondocking or have limited power available by utilizing your RV fridge's energy-saving mode.

By following these tips and properly maintaining your RV refrigerator, you can ensure fresh and efficiently refrigerated food and drinks on every road trip. Invest in a quality Norcold or Everchill RV refrigerator and enjoy a worry-free, convenient life on the road.


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